The nature of life, means we all face times and events, that will significantly affect us.


We try to 'cope and carry on' but there are occasions when this isn't enough and if left unchecked our ongoing life can become a challenge. Counselling can help by giving you an opportunity to talk through what's on your mind, in a safe and supported way. 

Counselling can help with;


Relationship Difficulties

Are you struggling within a relationship or perhaps having difficulty coming to terms with the end of a relationship?

There are many different types of relationships and it may be that your relationship difficulty is with your partner, another member of your family or with a good friend or even with work colleagues.


There may be mistrust, infidelity, difficulties in communicating, lack of respect or problems with intimacy. It can be helpful to explore what is happening with a Counsellor in order to work out what is right for you.


It's good to talk.

Loss & Bereavement 

Loss covers so many areas, loss of a loved one, loss of an pet, loss of a job or loss of  lifestyle.

The loss or death of a significant person can be devastating. Many people feel unable to come to terms with the loss of a loved one and feel guilty about that. Everyone experiences grief differently and there is no ‘normal’ or ’right’ way to grieve. Talking through your feelings with your Counsellor can help you to find a way forward, a way to cope with life, as well as work through and understand your emotions.


The impact of the loss of a pet is often misunderstood but it is, for some, as powerful as the loss of a significant person. These animals are a huge part of some people’s worlds and their passing leaves a huge void. Often people feel very alone in their grief for a lost pet but these emotions are very valid and it can really help to explore your feelings by talking them through in a safe and supported way.

It's good to talk.


Low Self Esteem

Are you feeling as though
no-one values you? Do you feel like everyone else is better than you?


Do you want to believe that these statements are nonsense and that you are as good, if not better, than everyone else?

Low self esteem and lack of confidence can be overcome with the right support. If you believe that you have low self esteem or if you need to boost your self confidence then Counselling can help you overcome your negative feelings about yourself.


It's good to talk.



Is the pace of life getting to you? Are you having difficultly sleeping? Are you feeling anxious and worried?

We live in a stressful world, often with little or no time to relax, to take stock, to take care of ourselves, of others, of our relationships.


Some stress is normal; a completely stress-free life would be unhealthy, as we need Adrenalin to survive. However, when we experience too much stress in our work and personal lives, we get out of balance, our health suffers, and we lose the capacity to enjoy life.


Talking to and seeking advice from a counsellor can help you to cope with stress and put life back into perspective.


Anxiety & Panic Attacks

Anxiety can affect us in many ways, sometimes we withdraw from situations which make us anxious and some people experience debilitating panic attacks.

There are ways of learning to manage our anxiety, and with the help and support of a skilled Counsellor it is much easier to learn the techniques required to overcome these often uncomfortable and debilitating feelings.

It's good to talk.

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